Toper Cafemino 1kg Green Coffee Roaster

The Toper Cafemino is a small batch commercial roaster, ideal for shop or deli roasting it can roast batchs upto 1kg. Needs hard wiring to a seperate 32amp supply, vented by 100mm ducting.
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This product will be ordered from the manufacturer with a lead time of around 8 weeks.


The Toper Cafemino is a small batch commercial roaster, ideal for shop or deli roasting it can roast batchs upto 1kg. Depending on location may require some simple extraction to remove the smoke related to the roasting process - although there is a smoke filter some smoke will still get through this, increasing depending on the origin coffee you are roasting.


Hourly Capacity
Batch Capacity
Roasting Time
Roasting Type
Voltage (customizable)
Heat Source
Temparature Control
Number of Motors
Body Type
Safety Systems

5 - 6 kgs / h (middle to dark roast)
50 - 1,000 gr. green coffee beans
10 mins for brown roast, 12 mins for dark roast
Electric heated thermal transfer
110 - 220 - 230 V / 50-60 Hz.
5.5 kW
Digitally controlled
Red, black, green or upon request
Stainless steel, brass
73 (w) x 81 (h) x 100 (d) cms.
82 kgs.
Auto shut-off system for electric failure

Other Specifications
  • Roasting scope from 50 to 1,000 grs
  • Stand alone cyclone chaff collector
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Sampling spoon for roasting control
  • Sight glass
  • Installation and startup manual
  • Hot air regulation valve
  • Hard case shipping

The Toper Cafemino is like a minuture version of a Commercial coffee roasting machine, it roasts batches of 1kg taking upto 22 minutes to roast a batch depending on origin and temperature set on the roaster. The toper features simple operation, turn on the drum and exhaust fan, set your desired maximum temperature (once this is reached the roaster wil turn the heating element on and off to maintain that temperature) Add the green beans at 180 degrees and keep checking with the sampler until your desired roast level is reached. Once you have your desired darkness of roast, turn on the mixer in the cooling tray at the front, open the vent to allow cooling air through the beans, and release the beans into the cooling tray. Back to back roasting is possible with this 1kg roaster.




  • Mains connection to a wired on/off cooker type switch connected to it's own 32amp fuse in the fuse box.
  • Suitable heat resistant counter to hold 60kg weight. Toper supply the pictured Metal counter with the roaster.
  • Sufficient height clearance to allow beans to be put into the roaster at the top and allow for the ducting from the dust collector
  • Requires 100mm alluminium ducting hose which should be connected to some sort of external ventilation, hot gasses and some smoke towards the end of the roast will be released and this should be vented outside. This sort of ducting is widely available from hardware stores, although it does need to be heat resistant. The roaster manual will explain the correct routing of the ducting to ensure good air flow.
  • When roasted beans are released from the roasting chamber into the cooling tray at the front of the roaster some smoke depending on the roast level will be released into the surrounding area.
  • The roaster owner/operator is expected to perform the maintainance schedules periodically as listed by the manufacturer in the operators manual. These are to include dissembly and cleaning of the exhuast fan and pipework, drum alignment as required, greasing of bearings, ensuring all chaff collections areas are kept free of chaff.


PDF files to downloadToper Roaster Brochure



Please note, if you choose for the roaster to be heated by Gas - then you will have to arrange for a registered gas engineer to connect the roaster to the gas supply and commission it. They will also advise on the flue ducting requirements of the gas heating system. You can choose Natural Gas which is the mains supply, or LPG gas which is bottled gas. Toper supply the gas jets for both types of gas - the one you choose will be fitted on the machine, the other jets will be supplied so it can be converted to the other type at a later date if required.



The Toper Cafemino is a small batch commercial roaster, ideal for shop or deli roasting it can roast batchs upto 1kg. Needs hard wiring to a seperate 32amp supply, vented by 100mm ducting.

Unless otherwise specified, Toper Roasters are built to order by the Factory in Turkey. Normal turnaround from a confirmed order is 6 to 8 weeks, although Toper do sometimes have stock available or being built for stock so it is always worth contacting us to confirm a delivery time on any specific model. Prices include crated delivery to your premises only, removing the roaster from the crate and into your premises will be at your own cost. Fitting suitable extraction, connecting to electricity and gas supplies as required will also be at your cost. Warranty covers non-wearing parts only, should an issue arise a replacement part will be sent to you and then an engineer arranged to fit the part. Warranty does not include issues caused by failure to clean the roaster, especially where chaff is allowed to build up or where the fan is not cleaned as per the roaster manual specification. All the general maintenance instructions in the Toper user manual should be followed in full, issues caused by failure to perform tasks such as drum alignment as per the manufacturers instructions will be full chargeable to resolve.

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